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Ajax Quick Checkout - One Page Checkout

Ajax Quick Checkout - One Page Checkout
Ajax Quick Checkout - One Page Checkout
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    The OpenCart Checkout Module For Increased Checkout Conversions

    Do you have a webshop running on the OpenCart platform? Then there is a very handy module available to ensure an extremely fast checkout.

    When making purchases over the internet, it is a fact that customers want to see that they can settle quickly after making a choice.

    The biggest annoyance is the number of pages that need to be completed in order to finalize the sale. Specifically, it is the many steps that need to be taken, a lot of fields that the customer must pass through and not to forget, committing actions that are often unclear.

    Also, the less time consuming the process, the more likely you become a webshop that buyers will talk positively about your webshop. For a successful webshop this is a very important issue.

    opencart-checkoutFast OpenCart checkout and customer satisfaction

    With the OpenCart OnePageCheckout extension, you save two fly in one click as a webshop. You ensure that customers can only complete the purchase process through one page. And you make an extra good name for your webshop.

    opencart-quick-checkoutOnly one page and custom layout

    All necessary steps to complete the purchase process are brought together on one page. You can even organize everything to your liking.

    It is also possible to subdivide the operations to be performed in one, two or three steps. Create a two-column layout with this mobile-friendly extension.

    checkout-veldenQuick view browser, own fields and statistics

    Special encryption techniques ensure that fast browsing in the browser is always a fact. You also have the option to specify which fields you want to display on your Checkout Page and whether or not they are required.

    With the AJAX Quick Checkout you can continue to track statistics and even A / B testing is possible. The availability of all your preferred payment and shipping methods will continue.

    checkout-social-media-integratieSocial media integration

    If you purchase the AJAX Quick Checkout extension, you will receive the Social Logins module for free. This module allows you to place Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Yahoo buttons on your website so that you can easily log in. If you want to give the login buttons a custom style by choosing a different color, resizing or positioning, that's all possible.

    multistore-vriendelijkMultistore friendly

    The AQC checkout module can also be used if you run multiple OpenCart webshops from one admin. For each shop you manage, you can edit the checkout page separately. Thus, you are not bound by just one style for all your webshops.

    ajax-quick-checkout-designsAJAX Quick Checkout themes

    By default, AJAX Quick Checkout comes with as many as five checkout themes. In this way, you are not bound to one standard format. If you are a developer yourself, you have the opportunity to create themes yourself. Complete creative freedom thus.

    An OpenCart webshop where easy checkout is always a fact? With the AJAX Quick Checkout extension this is completely possible.

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