The solution against checkout dropouts: increase your conversion with OpenCart Onepage Checkout

What we will tell you now, can be experienced as shocking ...

It turns out that 67% of orders are cancelled just before the payment is completed.

That's more than half. And at the moment of payment. This means that one has walked through the whole process, pleased to have selected the product but then decide not to pay. What's wrong?!

Too many steps that the buyer must take and too many fields to be filled. There are simply too many actions to be performed. It is confusing, unclear. The customer pulls out.

Salvation is near

The percentage of drop-outs must be rushed downwards and that is possible. We know what is wrong, so the solution is offered. "OpenCart Onepage Checkout". We provide an OpenCart extension that you can add to your OpenCart webshop system. This extension allows a better and especially faster way to create a beautiful and convenient checkout page. A page that does not overwhelm the customer so that he does not lose his temper before the payment is completed. The ideal solution for increasing your conversion.

OpenCart Onepage Checkout

In other words: checkout on one page. This is in our view of the solution to the problem. With the OpenCart Onepage Checkout you fill out one page with all the info needed to process the order. From filling out the customer details to the shopping cart overview and the total amount. No more endless clicking so that the visitor lose his way in the checkout process. You'll see the percentage of dropouts decreases immediately.

  • - All the information on one summary page
  • - The order of the steps of the customer you determine yourself
  • - The back end remains clear and unpolluted


Countless possibilities

This page is tailored to the needs of your customers, the extension takes care of that. The possibilities are endless.

What do you think for example of these options?

checkout-social-media-integratieCustomers login via social media

Add buttons like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Yahoo to accelerate and simplify the login process.

opencart-checkoutAlso for mobile

Not only on desktop but also on tablet and smartphone your order page looks perfect.

checkout-veldenRotate Analysis

Keep track to where visitors quite the checkout process. You can apply solutions directly on the basis of this educational info.

multistore-vriendelijkAlso suitable for your multi store

Equal or the same? The tool also works for multi stores. Ideal when you want to quickly apply some settings in different shops.

opencart-checkoutAB test

What works and what works better? This extension has a special tool that made AB testing easily possible. This information is priceless.

ajax-quick-checkout-designsWhat is your style? Choose what suits you

The customer would like to see a quality looking website. Here you will not escape. Choose a theme that suits you and surprise your customers with this beautiful design.

opencart-quick-checkoutHow to grow your conversion

OpenCart sales conversions increase, that's what it's all about. To sell as many products as possible (and / or services) through your store. And now you know why and when most people quit. Want to avoid this as quickly as possible? Get started with OpenCart Onepage Checkout and increase your number of orders.