Your online store will be ready in 10 minutes for the Dutch and English market

In just 10 minutes, there is a completely new webshop on your screen. Your new webshop anyway. And provide all your wishes. No unnecessary steps but a quick and easy solution. Choose for the customized OpenCart 2.3 program, with Dutch and iDeal total packages.

English US Dutch

To get started with developing a new webshop, you might want to install OpenCart yourself. After the installation, you soon notice that you have built a standard webshop. In itself nothing wrong with course. But if you look better, you'll see that both the administration panel and the instructions on the front of the webshop are displayed in English. Currency, VAT and links are not yet geared to doing business in the Netherlands. Clumsy!

OpenCart + Dutch + iDeal Total Package

To set up the standard webshop that he is fully aligned with Dutch trade, demands a bulk knowledge and is a time-consuming process. And although your knowledge of English may be perfect, you still run into the problem that the standard webshop does not match the ordering procedures in the Netherlands. Therefore, in our view, it is better to address this issue in advance. The solution: The OpenCart + Dutch + iDeal Total Package.

Carefree business

Order this package and your webshop immediately fills all the wishes you have with business in the Netherlands. Install the program and the total package will automatically open your entire OpenCart webshop. Both the language and the currency, VAT and links, are provided everywhere.

Doing business with foreigners can also be a thing of the past. If you want a different language or other VAT settings, then this will need to be installed separately.

Which payment providers offer the package?

  • Sisow
  • Mollie
  • MultisafePay
  • IDeal Checkout

Does another provider have your preference? Thats no problem. Other providers we integrate free of charge for you.

Order, pay and download the package directly. Getting started with OpenCart has never been so simple.