With the SendinBlue Email Marketing plugin, developed by OpenCart Specialist, a user friendly and highly adaptable solution is available for all OpenCart shops. The SendinBlue plugin lets its users fully realize all functions of the popular email marketing provider.

Reach and inform your customers base on existing and new data such as shopping behaviour and previous orders. All within one easy to use plug-in that introduces all functions of the SendinBlue back-end to your OpenCart shop.

The latest version of the SendinBlue Email Marketing Plugin makes it incredibly easy to manage, export and fully use email marketing to its full potential. Reaching your clients has never been this easy.

Easily synchronize and export client data with SendinBlue

The past few years SendinBlue has been successful in supporting marketeers by optimizing and automating email campaigns. Avid SendinBlue users have been waiting on a decent SendinBlue OpenCart integration for a long time (too long). Previous ways to integrate SendinBlue with OpenCart were highly inefficient and complicated. With the new Email Marketing plugin, specifically developed for SendinBlue, power users can finally use the service within OpenCart.

One of the main reasons to choose for the new plug-in, is the automated synchronization of client data to the mailinglists, which can easily be created in the SendinBlue backend. These mailinglists can be used to target specific users. You can select which attributes of the client data the plug-in needs to send to SendinBlue by just ticking off the relevant boxes.

Users can create mailinglists based on any of these attributes, ranging from area codes to age and gender. Do you want to target customers that are living in a certain area code? Or do you have a campaign that is only applicable for customers that are at least 65 years or older? With SendinBlue you can easily create mailinglists that specifically target your most valuable customers.

That’s not all. By letting the SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in export your new orders directly into the SendinBlue database you are able to faster and better inform your customers about their new order. Create specific emails for different product types and let your customers know that you are on top of your game.

Automate your email marketing

Are you also losing time doing unnecessary stuff that some would call email marketing? The new OpenCart plug-in forwards valuable data such as shopping behavior directly to SendinBlue, making it possible to create mailinglists based on specific behavioral datapoints.

Customer activity such as a customer shopping its shopping basket or leaving the webshop without entering the checkout process are all data points that can be used to create new mailinglists.

This clever email marketing strategy helps you to realize more revenue from your current customer base by just reminding users that they still have some products left in their shopping basket. How great is that?

One of the main reasons to start using SendinBlue and its new OpenCart plugin is the time you will save emailing your clients. SendinBlue lets you create funnels that are automatically activated when a new customer is added to your mailinglist.

Fully GDPR compliant

In a time where privacy matters more than almost anything, customers want to know who uses their data and for what purpose. SendinBlue and the SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in are both fully GDPR compliant, meaning that every form of data processing used by SendinBlue complies the latest regulations set by the European Union.