Get More Sales with OpenCart AdWords Marketing

Are you looking for a real OpenCart AdWords Marketing specialist? And would you like your campaigns to be set up as effectively as possible? Then we can help you!

As an OpenCart specialist, we have successfully helped dozens of online stores in recent years to develop a succesful online business. At a large part of these stores we are still active in the use of marketing channels. And OpenCart AdWords marketing is one of the most important of these.

Thanks to our years of experience in this area, we can use your OpenCart AdWords marketing budget as effectively as possible. And of course you, as an OpenCart store owner, only profit from it.

Want to know more about what we can do for you in this area? Then read on quickly!

Retargeting through OpenCart AdWords Marketing

One of the advantages of this is that we are able to reach visitors again through retargeting. Take the following example for this.

When someone searches via Google for a search term on which you advertise as a online store, for example 'buy Rolex watch', and clicks on the ad, the code immediately starts tracking and analyzing the visitor.

In addition to creating a profile of the visitor type, it is also measured how long the visitor spends on certain pages, how many pages the visitor visits and which pages receive the most attention.

On the basis of this information, a value can be attached to the type of visitor. And when it is measured that the visitor has placed products in the shopping cart or even has been taken to the checkout process, this value goes up.

Where the real power of OpenCart AdWords marketing continues is what will happen to this visitor.

Previously, a visitor to a web shop that did not pay for a product could for whatever reason be considered lost. With the arrival of OpenCart AdWords marketing, this is a thing of the past.

Cookies can be placed in a target group through cookies and retargeting. Then OpenCart AdWords Marketing can be specifically advertised on this group. For example, by reminding them that there are still products in the shopping cart. Another, much used, way to get back offs is to show special actions on this group. For example, a discount code or volume discount.

This allows you to get much more out of your visitors with OpenCart AdWords Marketing. And every cent you spend on AdWords really goes to attracting and analyzing visitors.

Deep integration within your OpenCart store

As you may have read elsewhere on this website, besides OpenCart AdWords marketing (SEA) are we also active in the field of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The deployment of SEO has a considerably longer lead time than SEA. When we run OpenCart AdWords marketing for a online store, we can often see results within a day. In SEO, on the other hand, it can take months or even a year before results become truely visible.

That is why we advise more and more online stores to use OpenCart AdWords marketing. The possibilities to scale up the visibility of a store within a short period of time are central here.

Before we launch the actual AdWords campaign, we ensure that AdWords is integrated in every possible way within your website.

This means that we analyze every visitor who comes to your website via Google AdWords. All this is possible by providing your OpenCart store  with the correct code.

Also your OpenCart AdWords Marketing

Many OpenCart stores have preceded you in outsourcing OpenCart AdWords marketing in recent years. No matter which sector you are in, we can give your webshop more visibility and generate more traffic through the use of AdWords.

Are you curious about what we can do for your online store exactly? Then we would like to get in touch with you!

Our approach

When it comes to OpenCart AdWords marketing, we use an approach that we know results can be achieved. Based on the latest tools to analyze visitors in the best possible way, we do not let a data point be missed.

Even more important is the chosen strategy. Because advertising on non-converting, irrelevant or too competitive keywords is rarely profitable. That is why it is absolutely necessary to come up with the right OpenCart AdWords marketing strategy.

In order to achieve real success, this part needs to be sufficiently focused on. And for this we also use a large number of tools to find the best keywords to advertise.

The results of our keyword research does not only contribute to the SEA strategy. The findings can also be shared in the field of SEO, so that you can benefit from the data found on several levels.

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