More Sales through Amazon Marketing

Amazon is by far the largest player in the Ecommerce world and should therefore, logically, not be overlooked when it comes to platform marketing. One of the reasons that Amazon has become one of the most valuable companies in the world has everything to do with the Amazon Marketplace. And that is exactly where OpenCart Amazon marketing comes in handy.

The Amazon Marketplace accounts for almost 30 percent of Amazon's ecommerce sales. Only external sellers can be found on Marketplace. Amazon allows any seller to offer products through the Amazon Marketplace if the volatility can be met. But how can OpenCart Amazon marketing ensure that your products on Amazon are also for sale? Through OpenCart we can migrate your products to the Amazon Marketplace so that you can immediately start selling on one of the largest ecommerce channels of the moment.

Increase the turnover of your store through the use of OpenCart Amazon marketing!

Increase your visibility through Amazon

Every year, hundreds of millions of people find Amazon. Whether it is for toys, books or diving supplies: Amazon is not called 'The Everything Store' for nothing. Really everything can be found in the giant's assortment. And that is enough reason to also add your products to the Marketplace variant.

Amazon introduced Marketplace in 2004 so that the vision of 'The Everything Store' could actually be achieved. Although a large part of the products from Amazon is not so much produced or delivered by the American webshop, it can be found in the assortment, whether or not on a dedicated platform called Amazon Marketplace.

The Amazon Marketplace is still a very interesting sales channel for webshop owners. However, it is possible for a very small part of the webshops to easily migrate products to the Marketplace of Amazon. OpenCart webshop owners are lucky: OpenCart makes it possible to do this very easily and quickly.

Through a specially developed OpenCart Amazon Marketing module we can duplicate the products from your webshop to the Amazon sales platform. This means that you do not have to add each product individually via the Amazon user interface. We can take care of this through our OpenCart Amazon Marketing module.

Greater reach, more visitors and a stronger image

It goes without saying that if you decide to offer your products via Amazon OpenCart marketing on the American webshop you will probably also sell more. There are many more reasons to offer your range on Amazon Marketplace.

Considerably more people, locally or globally, will be able to get in touch with your brand, product or web shop. These are visitors that you would otherwise never have been able to reach for the simple reason that they had gone for another alternative.

Such visitors belong to a group that you can immediately take as profit. Every additional visitor from a new channel is a visitor who can purchase products from your webshop or recommend your webshop to third parties.

It is therefore too easy to only see Amazon as an additional sales channel. It is a channel that ensures that your traffic increases in all areas. And you can still benefit from that later.

Flawless integration of OpenCart to Amazon

How many products there are currently in the assortment of your OpenCart online store can be found: via our OpenCart Amazon marketing module a flawless transfer of your products is possible. You can then choose to adjust the products or offer them directly to your OpenCart store. Through the own Amazon Marketplace you can easily edit the text, image or price of a product.


We are happy to help you realize Amazon as an extra sales channel for your OpenCart store. Since we have been offering this service successfully for several years now, you can count on an effective approach whereby your products are quickly offered via Amazon Marketplace.

Defeat the competition with OpenCart Amazon Marketing

Within Amazon Marketplace, competition will be available depending on the product group. Here too, our knowledge regarding OpenCart Amazon marketing comes in handy. There are various techniques to become more visible within the Marketplace than your competitors.

By optimizing the titles of your products and the existing product texts, we can optimize your products for Amazon's search algorithm. The end result is that over time your products will be higher than those of your competitors.

Would you like to know more about what we can do for you in the field of OpenCart Amazon marketing? Then one of our Amazon Opencart specialists will be happy to help!

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