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Platform marketing is perhaps the most used Ecommerce marketing term of the moment. More and more traffic comes from platform marketing and few online store know how to respond to this. However, through OpenCart and you can effectively use this growing marketing channel.

OpenCart marketing is therefore also our fastest growing service. We see that there is a huge demand for platform marketing and can respond to this through the strong OpenCart infrastructure.

The versatility of OpenCart makes it possible to get the most out of a channel like without the need for major shifts. Via OpenCart we can migrate your products to and your new sales channel optimizes your products so that you become more visible within the Bol search engine.

Do you want to stay ahead of your competition and activate the marketing channel that has become OpenCart Then we would like to tell you more about the power of OpenCart for the effective use of Bol as a sales channel.

Visitors prefer to buy at large online stores

It is well known that the average European prefers to shop at a company with a verifiable reputation than a small webshop with a limited number of reviews and an unknown image. The often smaller online store, especially when large stores have similar products in stock, have to make more and more often against platforms such as, eBay and Amazon.

That visitors are more attracted to large online stores owe the giants to their economies of scale. Large stores can invest considerably in marketing and the ease of use of the online store. With Opencart marketing, however, we can let you profit from the reputation of online store giants.

To be able to serve a larger audience, has a partner platform where thousands of online stores and brands are active. And your OpenCart store can also stand in between.

Migrate products from OpenCart to

One of the distinctive advantages of OpenCart in combination with marketing is that it is possible to copy all your products from your online store directly to So you do not have to copy each product individually.

This makes a fast and effective migration a fact, allowing you to continue to focus on what is important.

On the partner platform of you can then easily arrange all your products according to your own wishes. This way you can easily adjust products, images and prices. Then you can immediately start selling via based on the products from your OpenCart store.

The power of OpenCart and

Why exactly OpenCart is of great value in terms of the transfer of products to is no longer a question for you. The special OpenCart module enables OpenCart store owners to easily send products from OpenCart to the Storefront.

Many of our current customers that we are able to help with OpenCart marketing have a revenue-increasing asset and often see turnover rise within a short time. Not only the turnover directly on increases, but also the indirect sales increase because of the extra visibility that the online store receives.

And that is not all... will regularly set up marketing communications for specific product categories. There is a good chance that at least once a year the product category you are actively involved in is the turn. Such efforts can provide a significant revenue boost. is expected to further increase marketing spending in the coming years. And as an OpenCart store owner you can make smart use of it by using OpenCart marketing.

Returning customers are worth twice as much

One of the biggest advantages of and OpenCart is that visitors who place an order with you through can be made known to your store via your own marketing channels. As a result, your OpenCart store will not only get more visibility, but the number of repeat purchases will increase significantly.

You have a larger audience that you can serve, which means that regular customers will come regularly. And as you yourself know too well, these are the customers where an online store prefers to make sales. Customers that you most probably would not have managed to reach if you had not been able to find via

Why not combine the power of with OpenCart? Fast and effective transfer of your product range, a new market and considerably more visibility within your product segment. Who says no to that?

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