More Sales via Facebook Marketing

When Facebook started to gain ground in 2009, many advertisers were scared. The fear was that Facebook would get a monopoly on the attention of the consumer. That turned out to be true, but fortunately a very sophisticated and comprehensive advertising system was added. And with OpenCart Facebook marketing you can respond effectively to this.

The reason that Facebook is praised as one of the most effective marketing channels has everything to do with the depth of the medium. It is in fact possible to target OpenCart Facebook marketing very specifically. And here you profit as an OpenCart store owner.

Retargeting with OpenCart Facebook Marketing

Retargeting with OpenCart Facebook Marketing

It is also possible through OpenCart Facebook marketing to reach visitors who have already been in your store or even put something in the shopping cart. This allows you to significantly increase your conversion and you are able to give dropouts a second chance to purchase a product.

This technique ensures that more value can be derived from every visitor. Especially in the long term, this means that a strong Facebook strategy is also really capable of being paid out.

Facebook retargeting can be used based on various factors. This way you can focus on visitors who have not finished their order. But it can also be aimed at visitors who visit certain pages. Or visitors from a certain location.

And because of that, there is so much more possible with Facebook OpenCart marketing than using classical channels

Effective targeting for optimal result

It took almost ten years before the Facebook Advertising system was really mature. Previously, the back-end was full of teething problems and there was less influence on the actual placement of the ad. Now that we see that Facebook is powerful enough to use on a large scale, we also offer OpenCart Facebook marketing for our customers.

Through OpenCart Facebook marketing, use can be made of targeting and retargeting. We are only happy to use Facebook's strongest power: data.

We can show your advertisements for your store via OpenCart Facebook marketing exactly to the target group you would like to focus on. By continually analyzing the incoming data and optimizing the advertisements, we ensure that we achieve the best possible result.

In other words, we examine which segment within your target group provides the highest interaction and optimize the OpenCart Facebook marketing advertisements for this.

The result is that you can generate traffic for a competitive price that you really benefit from.

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