Get More Revenue through Google Shopping

The arrival of Google Shopping has ensured that the consumer can now find the right product even faster and easier. And as an online store owner, you naturally want it to be that your product is found. With OpenCart Google Shopping marketing we can make this possible for you.

Recent research has shown that as many as 80 percent of Google searches for conversion-related keywords choose a Google Shopping ad. This means that if you search for a keyword where you currently do not advertise via Google Shopping, you will miss out on sales 4 out of 5 times.

Do you want to change this? Then we advise you to use OpenCart Google Shopping marketing. This prevents consumers from ignoring you.


"Rich" ads

When Google Shopping was introduced, many online store owners were afraid that Google would take over the sales practically. In reality it all turned out differently. And for a large part of the online store owners, Google Shopping has provided a major boost.

One of the reasons for this is the optimization possibilities of the advertisement. Unlike the standard organic text ad, Google Shopping may also advertise the image, price, and description.

This makes it possible to optimize for conversion with the right OpenCart Google Shopping marketing. And that ensures that there can be distinguished from the competition. Simply by using clearer images optimized for the consumer.

That is not all, because the description of the advertisement can also do wonders. By writing a clear ad text we ensure that the visitor knows exactly what is needed to make a choice. And that within Google Shopping. Because Google only charges advertising costs when the visitor clicks through to your website.


Beautiful targeting by Google

As we have come to expect from Google for years, we can also use Google's strong advertising system for this. That means very precise targeting and clear insights into the results.

This allows us to continuously adjust the effectiveness of the Google Shopping marketing campaign. For example, when we see that mobile visitors click less on the ad than desktop visitors, we know that the ad needs to be optimized.

Another good example is when visitors click through relatively often without buying anything. In such cases, a more complete ad text can make the difference between a drop-off and a sale.

After all, our goal with OpenCart is Google Shopping marketing to send as much valuable traffic to your website as possible.

Because we can count on the targeting of Google as always, we can also target very specific target groups. For example, do you have an OpenCart online store focused on the sale of snowboards? Then there can be specifically advertised on consumers who are known to be interested in snowboards or winter sports.

Mobile matters

Mobile matters

We expect Google Shopping to become the marketing channel of the future. This is because the consumer has less and less time to make choices and wants clarity quickly. Here we play for OpenCart store owners in by offering Google Shopping marketing as a general service.

Whether you have an online store in carabiners or hair products, OpenCart Google Shopping marketing lends itself to every industry. When you sell a physical product, we can use Google Shopping to increase your sales.

When we check our own data, we see that the vast majority of visitors looking for a mobile or a product, ultimately make the choice based on the Google Shopping ads. This also has to do with the limited time we have today. Especially when we are on the road.

The main reason that Google Shopping is mainly chosen by visitors is to connect to the mobile optimization of the marketing channel.

Never before was it possible to advertise on mobile devices with image and text. However, with Google Shopping this door has also opened. And with that you can respond very specifically to mobile visitors.

Analyze, evaluate and optimize

A strong advertisement is an ad that is optimized to the maximum for the relevant target group. This is only possible by understanding the data, evaluating and optimizing the relevant advertisement accordingly.

This continuous process ensures that we can increase the effectiveness of campaigns and give you valuable traffic.

The longer you use OpenCart Google Shopping marketing, the more data will be available over time. This data only allows us to create strong advertising. Exactly what you need as an OpenCart store owner with Google Shopping.

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