More Sales With OpenCart Instagram Marketing

Nothing is as important as attracting converting visitors to your website. And when it is possible to specifically target this group of visitors, you can increase the turnover of your OpenCart store. One of our fastest growing services, OpenCart Instagram marketing, is indispensable here.

Whether or not you are an Instagram user: the power of Instagram should not be underestimated. Only in the past year did the service grow by more than a hundred percent. And that is not all, because various segments are only active on Instagram.

It is therefore no wonder that we are increasingly asked by webshops to take over OpenCart Instagram marketing. And since a few years we offer this service to all our customers.

You can also contact us if you are looking for an OpenCart Instagram marketing specialist. We can set up effective campaigns for you that allow us to reach your target group in an affordable way.

Drill new target groups with OpenCart Instagram Marketing

One of the opportunities that OpenCart Instagram marketing has to offer is that new doors open that have been closed with traditional (er) online marketing channels.

The first door that opens is new target groups. Many target groups that can be found on Instagram are harder to reach (or even not) via Facebook and Google.

Take for example the target group between 18 and 25 years. Until a few years ago this was a very active target group on Facebook and before that Hyves. However, there has been a shift with the growth of Snapchat and Instagram. Meanwhile, this target group only shows a high level of interaction via Instagram.

And that is the main reason for doing OpenCart Instagram marketing. The interaction of users via Instagram is particularly interesting for various industries.

Whether it is with a video or image, the chance that an Instagram visitor clicks through is higher than with many other channels. And the interaction on the relevant page is also richer on average.


Effective targeting through the Facebook backend

As you may have read, besides OpenCart Instagram marketing we also offer the channel Facebook. One of the most valuable parts of Facebook is the advertising system. Through this system we are able to advertise very deeply and specifically to certain target groups.

In 2015, Facebook officially took over Instagram and since 2017 it is also possible to advertise on Instagram via the strong system of Facebook.

This means that we can advertise as deeply and specifically on Instagram as we can on Facebook. As a result, the effectiveness of OpenCart Instagram marketing is very high.

And exactly the targeting is why we believe that to reach certain target groups OpenCart Instagram marketing is ideal.

Wondering if OpenCart Instagram marketing is interesting for your target group? Or do you want to know which target groups can easily be reached via this channel? Then we will be happy to talk to you!

Combine Facebook and Instagram marketing

All data that comes from OpenCart Instagram marketing can also be used to increase the effectiveness of other marketing channels. And with that in particular Facebook Marketing.

On the basis of the results, we can create new target groups based on the profile of your current customers. These target groups can then be added to campaigns so that the campaigns continue to increase in effectiveness and value.

Start with OpenCart Instagram Marketing

p>As one of the few OpenCart Instagram marketing specialists, we know exactly what an effective Instagram campaign should consist of. By combining our current data with market data, we can increase the visibility of your online store with new target groups.

Instagram Stories and feed

With Instagram you can currently advertise in two different ways. Per target group and objective is chosen between Instagram Stories and Instagram Feed as placement.

Based on our own data, we can help you choose the best place to place your ad. And we do this on the basis of tightly designed advertisements.

We do not stop there. Because OpenCart Instagram marketing gives us the opportunity to test numerous advertisements. This will further increase the effectiveness of the campaign, simply by checking which advertisement best scores for your target group.

By continuing to test these elements continuously, you can be sure that you will no longer spend more time than necessary on OpenCart Instagram marketing. And the results of previous campaigns contribute to strengthening new campaigns.

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