OpenCart SendinBlue Module

OpenCart SendinBlue Module
OpenCart SendinBlue Module
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    Fully automated email marketing with the new SendinBlue module for OpenCart

    SendinBlue users have had to wait a long time but if it is up to us, the wait has been completely worth it. The new SendinBlue Email Marketing plug-in, developed by the OpenCart Specialist, has already proven to make email marketing many times faster and easier.

    The clear and very user-friendly OpenCart plug-in allows SendinBlue users to send data from and to SendinBlue effortlessly. Because of this, email lists can be filled at a fast pace and email funnels can be automated. And that means launching, optimizing and maintaining email campaigns even more efficiently with the new SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in!


    Fill mailing lists effortlessly

    In recent years, SendinBlue has grown into one of the leading companies in the field of email marketing. More than 50,000 companies have already used the service, resulting in more than 40 billion emails per day.

    For OpenCart webshop owners the use was for a long time less efficient than for a large part of these companies. Because of the lack of a decent SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in it was not possible to smoothly move data from OpenCart to SendinBlue. To be able to fill up mailing lists, it was in many cases even necessary to do this manually.

    With the arrival of the SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in, one of the most widely used email marketing providers is now also compatible with OpenCart. With this plug-in you can not only fill your mailing lists easier, but you can also optimize them based on specific data points.

    To say that it is easier to fill your lists is possibly an understatement. You don't have to do anything to update your mailing lists. The plug-in automatically synchronizes new contacts from your OpenCart webshop to the relevant mailing lists. So when a visitor signs up for the newsletter or shops at your OpenCart webshop for the first time, the email address is automatically synchronized and added to an automation.


    Mailing lists that are really smart

    The integration of SendinBlue inside OpenCart is a lot deeper than you might be used to. With the latest version of this plug-in, various attributes can be sent along with the email address. This opens the door to create mailing lists based on specific data points, for example postcode or age.

    For example, do you have a certain promotion for products that are mainly interested in customers over 50? With just a few clicks you can select the right target group for your email marketing campaign, so only those customers who might be interested will receive an email.


    ..and can even be adjusted on behavior

    Perhaps the biggest advantage of the new SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in is that you can also select data points that are based on customer specific behavior. A good example of this is when a visitor has added several products to the shopping cart, is in the process of paying and closes the screen before payment.

    These visitors can be automatically added to an email funnel so they automatically receive an email when they haven't finished adding products to their shopping cart. This prevents that visitors in the meantime end up at a competitor's site or that the urgency to finish the order disappears.


    GDPR proof and fully automated

    SendinBlue and the new SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in are fully GDPR compliant and meet the latest regulations on privacy and data processing. Double opt-ins and encrypted synchronization of customer sensitive data. SendinBlue has things well organized.

    Do you want to spend less time on email marketing without compromising the effectiveness of this channel? Then the SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in, developed by the experts at OpenCart shop, is exactly what you are looking for!

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    OpenCart SendinBlue Module
    OpenCart SendinBlue Module