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OpenCart SendinBlue Module

OpenCart SendinBlue Module
OpenCart SendinBlue Module
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    Fully automate your email marketing with the new OpenCart SendinBlue plug-in

    SendinBlue-users that operate OpenCart webshops have been waiting on a decent integration of the service within OpenCart for a long time. With the new SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in, the wait is finally over. The new SendinBlue plug-in has already proven to drastically improve the usability of SendinBlue for OpenCart users.

    The easy to use OpenCart plug-in lets SendinBlue-users seamlessly send data from and to SendinBlue, making it much easier to fill mailinglists and automate funnels to boost your email marketing campaigns.

    With this new plug-in developed by OpenCart Specialist launching, optimizing and maintaining email marketing campaigns will get much easier than before.

    opencart-sendinblue-moduleEmail marketing has never been this easy

    Over the past few years SendinBlue has made email marketing much easier for over 50.000 companies all over the world. On a daily basis more than 50.000 emails are sent using the service. And OpenCart is finally one of the structures that is compatible with the SaaS-giant.

    OpenCart-storefronts that have been using SendinBlue as their main email marketing provider have experienced the lack of integration between the two parties. Because a decent SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in did not exist, seamlessly synchronizing data between the two platforms was something that had to be done manually or with many bypasses. Filing mailinglists took up a decent chunk of your time. And that’s something that you will never have to worry about again.

    With the new OpenCart SendinBlue plug-in one of the best known email marketing providers is now also compatible with OpenCart, making it much easier to transfer data from OpenCart to SendinBlue and specifically target certain customers.

    One of the main benefits of the plug-in is the automatic synchronization of new data. By just selecting some basic settings new and existing client data can be transferred to your SendinBlue mailinglists. When someone subscribes to your newsletter or is a first-time customer, their email address automatically gets added to the relevant automation(s).

    opencart-email-marketingMailinglists that are really smart

    The integration of SendinBlue within OpenCart is much deeper than you probably would expect. The latest version of this plug-in lets you select several attributes to create even richer customer data. These attributes can then be used to specify mailinglists and target specific customer groups, based on attributes such as age and area code.

    This is ideal for when you are planning to launch an email marketing campaign targeting customers of a certain age or living in a specific area. With just a few clicks you are able to synchronize customer data to the SendinBlue back-end en start creating these mailinglists that will enable you to increase your conversion on email marketing.

    email-marketing-behaviorCustomer behavior as a target

    What may be the biggest advantage of the new SendinBlue email marketing campaign is something you wouldn’t expect. With the new OpenCart plug-in it is possible to send certain customer behavior attributes back to the SendinBlue back-end and base complete mailing lists on them.

    Let’s take someone who has a few products in its shopping basket and ‘forgets’ to check-out. It might be possible that the customer had a train to catch or just didn’t feel like buying the products, yet.

    With the SendinBlue plug-in you can easily retarget these customers by creating specific mailinglists and automations based on their behavior. Someone forgets to enter the check-out proces? Setup an automation that automatically sends customers a reminder when they leave your webshop without checking out their shopping basket.

    Never lose potential customers again with the deep integration of the new SendinBlue OpenCart plug-in!

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