OpenCart Multi store webstore

One of the major advantages of an OpenCart webshop is the ease with which you can set up a Multi store environment. This means you no longer need to purchase a separate package or host for each webshop. This is not only easy but also offers extensive possibilities for linking webshops together. 

Quick and easy maintenance for all your online stores

You will only need to enter your items to your webshop once. You can then decide which items you want visible in each webshop, and all administrative control is handled from a single location. It is not necessary for all of your webshops to be on the same domain either. Each OpenCart multistore can have its own domain and appear to be its own webshop with separate theme, banners, and modules. Because of this your customers do not need to see that several online shops are running from the same backend. You choose what items are visible on each webshop and what amount is being charged, this can be different for each webshop.

Working with multiple suppliers

One of the biggest stumbling blocks for a Multi store environment with OpenCart is working with several suppliers. Therefore it requires a substantial knowledge and experience to set this up in a reliable and stable way. We are proud to say that this is no problem what so ever with our OpenCart webshops. It does not matter whether you want to work with a regular supplier or rather with multiple suppliers which will determine the range of products in your shop. In our shops, the possibilities are virtually unlimited.

OpenCart & Multi Store