Online payments in OpenCart

One of the main tasks of your webshop is of course to make sure your customers make a purchase. Our OpenCart webshops are optimized with the aim to make it faster and easier for your customers to make a payment. As a customer you have the option to pay with popular payment systems like Paypal,, iDeal, and dozens of other international payment methods. This means anyone can use this cart, anywhere in the world. It will be more attractive for customers to place an order when they have a quick and easy payment method that they know and trust.

More customer conversion

Research has shown that during the order process, somecustomers may decide to refrain from placing an order. This can have various causes. Sometimes customers do not want to register to your webshop, sometimes the shipping costs are too high or they decided in the end to wait a bit with ordering something. One of the most common causes can be found in the payment section. Customers who want to order something need to have the ability to pay fast and easy. You will notice that your OpenCart shop will have less customers retracting an order and more successful transactions when you have offer a wide variety of payment options.

Quick and efficient order processing

In 2017, consumers are accustomed to receiving an order within one business day. Virtually every grown webshop will try to send an order as soon as possible. In order to process orders quickly and efficiently, it is essential to have a certainty of payment so you can send the order immediately to the customer. Thanks to the payment gateways that we install for you, you do not need to check this yourself. You can easily look back into your back-end if you received a payment.

OpenCart & Payment Gateways