Is your site slowing down?

One of the biggest annoyances of computer users is a computer that freezes up or is too slow. It is therefore very important that your website with all its images and other content can load quick and properly. Research has shown that visitors do not like to wait a long time for a page to load and will often leave the website if it takes to long. OpenCart on its own is already quite fast compared to other packages available and our additional optimization only improves it from there. We can enhance your OpenCart install and make your website load a lot faster.

Reduce your pageload

Reduce your pageload

Letting us develop or optimize your OpenCart shop will decrease your pageload significantly. When optimizing existing installations we use various technical possibilities such as the use of all cache functions and compression. You will receive a report which will show you the loading time before and after our optimization. This allows you to see the measurable results. Generally, you will also be able to notice it on the bounce rate as there will be less visitors that will leave your website prematurely.

Better appreciation by shorter loading time

A faster loading time is something that is not only noticed by you and your visitors. Even the search engines will notice that your website loads quickly. This is appreciated very much by the search engines which in return will give you a better rating. This means it will be easier for your website to be found in the search results of Google as you go higher in the list. 

Improve OpenCart Shop Speed