What's New in OpenCart 3.0

Have you heard of the new OpenCart 3.0? Time to learn more about it! There have been developed a few new features for OpenCart 3.0. We've gathered all new features for you and listed them here below:

  • Language Editor (Translations)
  • In admin Marketplace
  • Theme Editor
  • Multilanguage SEO Url's
  • Enhanced admin data filters
  • Enhanced admin reports
  • New admin interface
  • New template engine (Twig files)

A few changes have been made to the new OpenCart 3.0. We are pleased to inform you about these new features. Marketplace is one of the bigest changes. You could previously access this feature only through the official website of OpenCart, now you can also do that via your opencart store admin. The advantage is that you can now directly view and add the modules and theme's directly into your OpenCart installation. There is also a standard search feature built-in with additional filters. These can then be used again so that you can search refined within the modules and themes. The advantage you have is that you can now find and download the OpenCart modules, which is also faster and easier to install.

Translations with the new OpenCart 3.0

Another function that has been added is translations. The feature is available through Crowdin's crowdsourcing project. For all online retailers who need an OpenCart store in their native language (but a translation is incomplete or does not exist yet), they can contribute to the Crowdin project. You can see which languages are already available, which are in the "Available Translations"

You now also have the language editor. You can customize your design but now you can also easily customize the content language in your store. You can change any piece of text into your desired language, no longer need to enter the code and translate within the files.

More changes added in OpenCart 3.0

Then there is the design that has changed. Within the new OpenCart 3.0, the "Theme Editor" and "Language Editor" are 2 new functions. There are two very good additions. This makes it easier to access and modify the files in the store. It can now be arranged directly from the admin panel. Then there is the new "Theme Editor", it has a user-friendly interface and it is now well understood for non-developers and for users without technical knowledge.

Benefits of OpenCart 3.0

An additional advantage of OpenCart 3.0 is the new "Affiliates" section. From now on they are at the clients section. This allow you to create affiliates in the same environment where you can also manually add new customers. If you look at the System section within the new OpenCart 3.0, you'll also see changes that have been made there. You will first have a few adjustments in the ranking. In addition, the "Tools" section is removed. It's only a small change in the admin panel, but it's organized more.

If you have any questions about these changes to OpenCart 3.0, please feel free to contact us.

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