OpenCart Upgrade/Update

Ready to upgrade your store to OpenCart 2.0?

Special service created just for you to keep your store current!
Always the latest version
When you choose for our OpenCart upgrade service you will always get the latest and best stable OpenCart version there is.
Security Development
By upgrading to the latest OpenCart version you will automatically be up to date with the latest security features.
OpenCart Store Responsive
OpenCart 2.0 comes fully responsive out of the box. In this way you will always have a fully responsive webstore.

Meet the OpenCart 2.0 Upgrade package

Want to maintain and improve your webstore with all the modern features? With our new upgrade service to OpenCart 2.0 you can maintain your store easier than ever before. We created this service because the need for upgrades keep rising. We made our package as flexible as possible so you can choose how you want your store upgraded. You can choose if you want extra features installed or just a simple upgrade.

Option to choose extra features

Together with the basic upgrade package we offer you to select multiple options to choose from. For example you can choose to have a premium template installed together with faster checkout and SEO, or you can simply upgrade to OpenCart's latest version. The choice is entirely yours.

Keeping all your important data 100% safe

Keeping all your store data is of course the most important when it comes to upgrading. You don't want to lose any of your customer, products, orders, or images. When we upgrade an OpenCart to the latest version we can guaranteed 100% data preservation. The previous version of your database is backed up and can always be reverted or referenced later in case of emergency. Some examples of data we will preserve, but not limited to:

  • Orders
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Categories
  • Information pages
  • SEO Url's
  • Reviews
  • Images
  • Store settings

OpenCart 2.0 advantages

The development of OpenCart 2.0 has brought a bunch of new features which not only make it more fun configuring your webstore, but also easier to maintain. Here below you can see our list of the 10 best new features of OpenCart.

  • Fully responsive design
  • New admin dashboard
  • Built-in extension installer
  • Extra payment methods
  • Notification system
  • Font awesome support
  • API integration
  • MaxMind fraud identification
  • OCmod/vQmod - virtual file modification
  • Bootstrap 3 integration