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OpenCart Store Audit

Receive competent OpenCart Store Audit? The OpenCart Specialist likes to show you where improvements can be made through practical recommendations.

As an OpenCart store owner you are undoubtedly aware that there is always room for improvement. Almost every online store will be optimized for a number of elements. Possibly, often consciously, parts will be missing so that the conversion within your online store is unnecessarily limited. With the OpenCart Store Audit it is possible to track down pain points and immediately improve your conversions.

As an OpenCart Specialist, we have ample experience with conducting extensive store audits. We carried out audits for the most diverse OpenCart stores, resulting in results where immediate practical improvements could be made.

Our OpenCart store audit has three general elements, namely;

  • Security
  • Conversion
  • Searchmachine optimalisation (SEO)

For each overarching part, we look at the aspects where the greatest improvements can usually be made. From site speed to microdata for SEO: we turn every stone around with our OpenCart store audit.

opencart-store-auditSecurity of your OpenCart website

One of the first places our specialists will look for is in the security of your OpenCart store. The currently mandatory SSL Check is not only a guarantee for your customers that you handle sensitive data securely, but Google also sees it as an extra reason to give your website extra visibility in the search results.

Equally important is the back-end structure of OpenCart stores. To get everything in order in this area, we analyze the current structure, we check root files and detect possible errors. Just like a car, it just happens that an online store seems to function normally when there are several errors. Over time, these errors can bring down a website. Timely action ensures that your OpenCart store will never be faced with such situations.

opencart-audit-conversionsIncrease the conversion with our OpenCart store audit

Where you can really benefit from the knowledge of the OpenCart Specialist is when you implement our recommendations for the purpose of increasing the conversion. Conversion optimization is one of the most important analyzes from our OpenCart store audit. By looking at which critical elements are missing, we can make various recommendations that ensure that the conversion takes a step upwards.

This is immediately one of the components with which the OpenCart store audit can be directly recouped. And also with practical solutions.

For example, take the adjustment of your Checkout Process. During checkout we lose on average 20 to 40 percent of our potential customers. Often the ordering process is too long or too unclear.

We will go deeper into this by giving you advice on how you can sell your products more easily. And you do that by improving the experience of your visitors.

We analyze multiple components that make the average visit more enjoyable. Clearer product content, shorter loading times and a website that also displays well on mobile devices. But adding pages about the shipping and payment information is also crucial for gaining customers trust in your services.

Every area where our specialists find parts during the OpenCart store audit that can improve the conversion are made transparent to provide concrete and practical recommendations. This means you will earn back the OpenCart store audit within a short time!

audit-file-checkMore visitors from Google by optimizing the findability

But the OpenCart store audit does not stop there. We also check which parts within your store can be optimized with the aim to improve findability in Google. We do this, among other things, by analyzing the meta data. Think of the titles, descriptions but also microdata and canonical urls.

Do you have an international OpenCart store? Then our store audit goes even further. Language tags must be completely in order to optimize your store for all languages in the field of SEO. That means adding the required href-lang tags when you have the same store operational in multiple languages.

Finally, our team of OpenCart Specialists will check whether the technical back-end structure of SEO is in line with what Google expects of this. Are there no inaccuracies in the robots text file? And are all sitemaps at Google known and current?

Because our specialists know exactly where to look, we can execute our OpenCart store audit for a fair price so that you can continue to focus on your store. Based on various best practices in the field of security, conversion and SEO, we help you to take your OpenCart store to a higher level with our store audit!

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