OpenCart Total Security

OpenCart Total Security
OpenCart Total Security
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    Protect your online shops
    with the best OpenCart security available.

    You have spent countless hours and a huge amount of hard-earned money into your store.

    Don't let it go to waste.

    We understand. Security is not a particularly sexy topic. But it is extremely important.

    Imagine logging into your store on a random day only to figure out that not only you, but all your customers cannot even access it. Or even worse... That all your payment options are rerouting funds to malicious bank accounts.

    Believe it or not, we've seen it all happen before.

    OpenCart on itself should be secure enough not to get hacked. The problem is that pretty much every OpenCart installation contains custom themes and modules. And all these modules, unfortunately, pose a risk to your store.

    This is where OpenCart Total Security comes into place.

    Physical Shops Use Locks, Alarms, And Camera's…

    OpenCart Shops Use OpenCart Total Security

    OpenCart Total Security is developed by our team of highly experienced OpenCart developers. It serves the exact same purpose as physical security measures, but then online.

    From our many years of development experience in OpenCart, we've created a security module that contains everything an online shop needs so that its owner can sleep well at night – without the fear of having their store breached.

    And whatever you do, don't think to yourself: "I'll do that later". You simply can't.

    With things like shop security, you need to be proactive, just like you would in a regular shop or home.

    So don't wait any longer and:

    Secure your store today with the latest and most innovative protection for any OpenCart installation.

    OpenCart Total Security contains the following security features:

    IP Logging

    Automated files scanning and notifications when changes occur

    We install a custom made modification that will instant notify the store admin when files have been changed on the server.

    SL Injections Safe

    SQL injection protection and monitoring

    SQL injection is a code injection technique that is used to attack data-driven applications, inserting indefinite SQL statements into an execution field for execution (for example, to dump database content to the attacker).

    SL Injections Safe

    Unauthorized Scripts

    This ensures that access to the server, database and files is blocked from external or internal unauthorized scripts.


    Protection from link manipulation (clickjacking)

    Clickjacking (UI Correction Attack) is a malicious technique to mislead a web user to click on something other than what the user actually sees, allowing potential confidential information to be publicized or take over control over their computer and clicking on malicious webpages.

    Direct file access

    Direct access to files block

    This ensures that no files can be loaded directly by entering the URL link directly into the address bar. Hackers will not be able to retrieve the files immediately.

    IP Logging

    Admin folder name renaming

    By renaming your admin folder name we'll drastically improve security.

    IP Logging

    IP & Name logging for admin login attempts

    All incorrect admin login attempts are stored with name and IP.

    IP Logging

    File permission checks on sensitive files such as config and index

    File permission checks on sensitive files such as config and index.

    IP Logging

    IP, name, and password logging of failed admin login attempts

    IP, name, and password logging of failed admin login attempts.

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    OpenCart Total Security
    OpenCart Total Security