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OpenCart Total Security

OpenCart Total Security
OpenCart Total Security
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    OpenCart Total Security Webstore Protection

    Shopping on the web today is very easy and quick to do wherever you are.
    Unfortunately, this also involves hackers and other malware that attempt to steal the customers or shop data. Therefore, ensure that you always protect your OpenCart store!

    Below is a list of features that our security package offers.

    Protect yourself today from malicious hackers and phishers and download the OpenCart Total Security package immediately.

    • Server side protection against unauthorized scripts
    • SQL injection protection and monitoringv
    • Protection against direct file access
    • Protection against malicious scripts running from folders like image, download, etc
    • Protection from malicious customer uploads using the file option type
    • Protection from malicious link manipulation (clickjacking)
    • Safeguards using X-Frame security checks for external domains
    • IP, Name, and Password logging of failed Admin login attempts
    • File permission checks on sensitive files such as config and index
    • File modification monitoring possible if ssh access is available

    Unauthorized ScriptsUnauthorized Scripts

    This ensures that access to the server, database and files is blocked from external or internal unauthorized scripts.

    SL Injections SafeSQL injection protection and monitoring

    SQL injection is a code injection technique that is used to attack data-driven applications, inserting indefinite SQL statements into an execution field for execution (for example, to dump database content to the attacker).

    Direct file accessDirect access to files block

    This ensures that no files can be loaded directly by entering the URL link directly into the address bar. Hackers will not be able to retrieve the files immediately.

    ClickjackingLink manipulation (clickjacking)

    Clickjacking (UI Correction Attack) is a malicious technique to mislead a web user to click on something other than what the user actually sees, allowing potential confidential information to be publicized or take over control over their computer and clicking on malicious webpages.

    IP LoggingIP & amp; Name logging for admin login attempts

    All incorrect admin login attempts are stored with name and IP.

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