OpenCart Upgrade Package to 3.0

OpenCart Upgrade Package to 3.0
OpenCart Upgrade Package to 3.0
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      The OpenCart 3.0 Upgrade/Update Package

      Would you like to order an upgrade package for OpenCart 3.0? A good choice, with us you are at the right address for the OpenCart Upgrade to 3.0. Of course you want to use the best and implement the latest developments in your webshop. It is for yourself only pleasant if you can also use this. So make that switch today and choose the OpenCart Upgrade to 3.0. It is only to your advantage, because many things have really become a lot easier. So make sure you choose this product now, because the sooner you make that choice, the sooner you can experience the benefits of OpenCart 3.0.

      Data behoud

      Retain all important data

      Your data is sacred and may not be lost in any transition. We always work with backups so nothing goes wrong. Below is a list of things that are 100% preserved with our upgrade package.

      OpenCart OCMOD

      Changes new OpenCart 3.0

      One of the changes is the Marketplace. You can now not only reach it through the official website of OpenCart, but also through the admin of your webshop. Because of this you can now view and add modules and themes directly. There is also now a standard search function built in with extra filters. You can use these to refine your search within the modules and themes.

      Another change is translations. You still have the language editor. The design can now be adjusted and you can also easily adjust the content in the shop. You don't have to change the language in the code anymore, but you can change it per piece of text. The design has also changed, new features in OpenCart 3.0 are "Theme Editor" and "Language Editor". These are two good additions. They give you a better access to the files and to the modification of the files of your shop. So now you can arrange everything directly from the admin panel. There is also the new "Theme Editor", with a user-friendly interface.


      Switching to upgrade package OpenCart 3.0

      Do you want to upgrade to the upgrade package OpenCart 3.0? Make sure you start using it now and discover all the advantages in practice. We will gladly inform you about all the options and if you have any questions about this, let us know now. Switch to OpenCart 3.0 today. We would really appreciate it if you let us know what you think of the new changes.

      Some important points...

      Please note that when we perform a basic upgrade of your OpenCart store, the upgrade will be placed over the current installation. The default theme will be activated and all additional custom modules/addons installed will be deactivated.

      IMPORTANT: Below you can read what will and will not be kept during the upgrade

      Data that is guaranteed to be retained during the upgrade to OpenCart 3.0:

      • Customers
      • Orders
      • Products
      • Categories
      • Reviews
      • Newsletter subscribers
      • SEO Url's
      • Language Settings
      • Images
      • vQmod System Update

      Data we can NOT guarantee/take away during the upgrade:

      • Custom templates. Templates from older versions cannot be saved because they are incompatible with the new OpenCart version. The default OpenCart theme will be activated or you can use the template installation option. This means you can send us the files and we will take care of the complete installation and configuration.
      • Custom modules/addons from other developers. You will have to contact the developers of the module to see if they already have a version available for OC 2.0
      • Upgrades from 1.4.x and 1.5.x versions will lose their module positions and will need to be reset. The module system has changed after OpenCart 1.4.x and 1.5.1.
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      OpenCart Upgrade Package to 3.0
      OpenCart Upgrade Package to 3.0