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Welcome to our portfolio
Here you can find our OpenCart portfolio. We create modern, eye catching and professional OpenCart webshops. Have a look at some of our online shops below and see for yourself.
OpenCart development process
Every store we work on is handled with great care. We look at your targets, what kind of product you want to sell, business regions, and more. We take everything into consideration while building the best solution for you.

The largest bike store in The Netherlands.

The number 1 laptop specialist. is a high-end OpenCart multistore with a lot of customization.
OCS has provided the complete upgrade from A to Z. In the same way we have also provided the complete responsive theme and design.
We are very proud to present in our portfolio. was one of the most complex upgrade assignments we have ever done. This store has an integrated designer tool where users can design their own buttons. is a multistore OpenCart installation together with
This store was first created by another company but handed over to OpenCart Specialist because they needed a more specialized company that works with OpenCart.

For already 20 years, Appelboom is the luxury writing specialist of the Netherlands.
They have an extensive and very special range of products. Their friendly and very well studied staff have a passion for exclusive pens and is very pleased to help you finding the right writing instrument. With their online store they hope to offer you more service where you can easily order bags, wallets or nice writing instruments.

The owners of contacted us for the development of a brand new webstore to replace their old one. Development period was reached before deadline and right after launch the shop started running extremely well.

The Black Sun Empire DJs called OCS for the complete upgrade to OpenCart 3.0. In addition, we also carried out the complete redesign of the store and installed various customized modules.