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We create modern, eye catching and professional OpenCart webstores.

Asbas Computers is OCS's oldest and most loyal client. We have been able to update the website to the latest version several times. Asbas Computers has been developed by us into a high-end OpenCart webstore consisting of 4 multistores. The unique design has also been implemented by OCS. has switched from Magento to OpenCart and OCS has led the entire transition + redesign. The entire online store has been rebuilt and redesigned (redesign by external party) with all requirements fully implemented. The complete development only took ± 3 months. is an OpenCart multistore consisting of 6 stores. OCS has performed the full upgrade from version 1.5 + implementation of the supplied unique design. The requirements for these projects were extremely demanding but nevertheless OCS has brought the project to a successful conclusion. has been an established value in the world of office supplies for more than 20 years. With their 11 branches and more than 30,000 products, they can be reached in West Flanders, East Flanders and Antwerp. OCS has performed the complete upgrade + redesign.

The DJs of approached OCS for the complete upgrade of their outdated website. In addition to maintenance, OCS also provides hosting and various security updates.

Lisadore is the international dance shoes seller. OCS built and hosts their new OpenCart webstore. They moved from an old customized online store to OpenCart.

Budget Laptops is part of Asbas Computers and is part of their Multistore installation. The design was commissioned by an external company and converted by us into a professional and working OpenCart template. is the Polish extractor hood manufacturer in Sweden. OCS was approached for the full upgrade + implementation of the unique delivered design + various other custom tasks. In addition to the upgrade, OCS also provides hosting and other monthly maintenance tasks.

Laptop Centrum

Unifashion is an online clothing store specialized in streetwear fashion for men with the motto “Be Unique Be Yourself”. Not only the clothing but also Unifashion's wishes were very “unique”. We have therefore been able to develop several unique custom options for Unifashion as well as the upgrade to OpenCart 3.0. OCS has also realized the design of the website to its full satisfaction.

Refurbished Notebooks