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Search Invalid URL Keywords (15x/2x)

Search Invalid URL Keywords (15x/2x)
Search Invalid URL Keywords (15x/2x)
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    No redirect to 404 page but redirect to the correct page

    This addon improves product discovery by taking invalid urls and searching on the keyword, instead of showing a 404 not found.

    Chances are that when you are optimizing your existing OpenCart web store, certain pages are deleted or the URL is being modified. Now that's not a problem at all. What could be a problem is the fact that you do not make redirect for the edited page. With a redirect you make sure that a page that no longer exists is replaced by an alternative.

    If you do not choose a redirect and someone type the URL of the old page or click an outdated link, a 404 error is the result. Such an error can eventually have a negative effect on a high SEO score. As you know, the higher the SEO score, the more chance you make for a good position within search engine search results, especially Google. And that can have a positive effect on conversion.

    To prevent 404 errors, OpenCart offers a convenient solution in the form of an extension. The OpenCart Search Invalid Keyword module causes 404 errors to be past. Result, your webshop is likely to get an even higher SEO score and your conversion will go up.

    Main features:

    • Bring in more sales by letting customers find what they need immediately
    • vQmod plug n play. No files are overwritten
    • Does not require USE SEO to be enabled in the admin
    • Cleans the keyword for XSS security
    • Automatically replaces special chars with spaces for searching ("menthol-cigs" searches "menthol cigs")
    • Only searches on the first 2 words of the search to match more ("menthol-cigs-and-cigars searches "menthol cigs")

    Werking OpenCart Ongeldige KeywordsOperation OpenCart Invalid Keywords

    For example:
    if you have a product at this url:
    but the customer types:

    It will normally show a 404 not found.
    But this mod will take the "menthol_cig" and use that as the search "menthol cig" to help the customer find the correct product.

    Bescherming tegen XSS-aanvallenProtection against XSS attacks

    To prevent XSS attacks, the OpenCart Invalid Keyword module causes all converted keywords to be cleaned from characters that can be used for code injection. For example, code injection may cause cookies to stumble into login credentials.

    Speciale tekens en gerichte zoekwoordenSpecial characters and targeted keywords

    The OpenCart Invalid Search Keywords extension automatically causes special characters such as stripes to be converted into spaces. As for the keywords, of a converted URL, only the first two terms are used to search. All this gives even more accurate results.

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